What The Critics Are Saying

“Jennifer Hutchinson has written a remarkable book about her family’s experience with autism. Her story is different from most because her grandson Jake’s journey is different: his autistic regression Editor-at-Large,Age of Autism: Director. SafeMindswas later, his recovery more rapid, and his subsequent development more volatile than most children afflicted with autism. But Jake’s adverse reaction to a prophylactic series of rabies treatments, including multiple vaccines, sparked a descent into familiar territory for so many families. Confronted by powerful forces in the medical industry, few families have received much support when claiming that vaccines have contributed to an autistic regression. But Hutchinson, a loving grandmother and professional editor, brought something unique to Jake’s regression: her journal. Her meticulous accounting of Jake’s progress provides both a gripping narrative and a persuasive medical diary—one that documents Jake’s medical situation with a precision that most families faced with autism cannot match.

“Autism parents in the environmental/biomedical movement will find a familiar story and a hopeful message in Hutchinson’s book. But Unlocking Jake should reach a broader audience. At a minimum, it should be required reading for every pediatrician in America.”

Mark Blaxill, Editor-at-Large, Age of Autism; Director, SafeMinds


“The rare tale of an exceptionally clear-cut vaccine reaction and the effort to pull this child from the autism abyss is full of information and personal determination. …”

Christina Adams, A Real Boy



“This book is a season-by-season account of Jake’s terrible struggles with autism and his family’s search for answers. I had the privilege of treating Jake a number of times, and this book has helped me understand him and autism in a far more intimate way.”

Dr. Tod Davis, Developmental Optometrist

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